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Spinal stimulator

I am having a spinal stimulator implanted at the beginning of the year. I am excited because during the trial it allowed me to be virtually pain free and walk normally. I had almost given up hope, and now I have some....at least for now.

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Best of luck. I used one for a good while until I received a defibrillator implant for my heart. I have made do without since on the remote chance that they would conflict with each other. It will block your pain


Can you tell me more about this implant as have spinal problem not heard of this beforr


Sure I will tell you what I know. First, I have had the final surgery two weeks ago and I have cut down on the Gabapentin by 1/3 and have almost no pain. Over time I will continue to wean off the meds.

The device is made by Medtronics. It consists of a battery/main unit and wires that go into the spinal column. It has a remote control that also charges the battery through the skin. Apparently the way it works is by interfering with the pain signals going to the brain. My brother is a doctor and was skeptical, but he checked more and knows my success and has changed his mind.

It is not a cure, but if I can live with little or no pain for a while...it’s worth it. In the end my nerves are still dieting and they don’t know why. This device is all about quality of life.

If you are not seeing a pain specialist, please do immediately. I waited 9 years too long.


Thank you for information I am on pregabalin Lodine Diazapan citalopram longer shorter thyroxine amityptline I will discuss this implant with my gp kind regards T


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