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NHS Endocrinologist

I’m seeing nhs endo tomorrow and I’m at a loss as to how I can explain how I have been for the past 10-15 years, struggling with what seems to be hypothyroidism. Has anyone else had any luck with nhs medical professionals?

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Here is the post I wrote to you around 2 months ago. Please ask if you have anymore questions. Why not join the Thyroid UK forum for the very best advice. You will find that NHS Endos are Diabetic experts and know very little about the Thyroid. You will learn more from the EXPERTS on Thyroid UK. Did you have all the tests I suggested ?


I can’t work out how to join the forum on Thyroid UK, not too sure about healthunlocked either. Endo registrar did TSH, T3, T4, Vit D, B12, Ferritin, Folate and Synacthen. GP did antibodies, cortisol and also folate and TSH. Thanks for your reply.


When you have your results with ranges the helpful people on Thyroid UK will be happy to help. Almost 70,000 members so lots of very experienced/qualified members - even Researchers.

Happy to help ....


How did you get along with the Endo ?


Thanks. I sent a reply 4 days ago. Unfortunately I don’t really understand how healthunlocked or Thyroid UK sites work. I can’t find how to put anything on the forum to get help anywhere on Thyroid UK. Any guidance would be appreciated. My last message said that nhs endo registrar took TSH, T4, T3, ferritin, folate, vitamin D, B12 and sacanthen bloods. She told me that she would write to me and GP with results and see me in 3 months unless she wants to see me before. I asked if she thought my TSH was high in Feb at 5.5 and she said that if it was now she would monitor me! I explained that I have been unwell for 12-14 years, going regularly to GP and that all symptoms are now much worse. I have booked in to see my GP soon to discuss everything. Thank you.


Yes I saw your reply of 4 days ago - further up this page 😊

If you are on a phone click onto the second symbol on the black band at the top. You will see the communities you are part of. Then click onto More Communities - find Thyroid UK and click FOLLOW.

Hope that works for you. If not - get back to me 😊


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