Hi thanks for adding me I've got neuropathy and having trouble with shoes can't stick them on help xx

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  • Not sure where your difficulty lies but when I had a shoulder replaced therapy replaced my shoelaces with elastic laces. You leave them tied and they stretch to allow you to slide the shoe on but you don't need to tie them

  • I would try to get a large shoe horn sold in bed bath and beyond that would help, and also depending on how your feet are ( MAYBE A THINNER SOCK BUT THAT DEPENDS ON YOUR SITUATION)

  • Try buying a large shoe horn sold at bed bath and beyond and maybe a less thinner sock depend's on your foot situation.

  • I find widerfit shoes and cosyfit shoes work good luck.

  • Wider fit shoes or Hotter wide fit are good. You need to have foot checks like diabetics, as neuropathy stops you feeling anything wrong.

  • Thank you all xx

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