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Numb and burning feet

Hi Everyone I had spinal surgery 7 years ago. All went well. Recently however I am experiencing numbness and burning in my right foot which at times has me in tears. I am finding it increasingly difficult to wear heels or wedges and for me trainers are for training!! I am fit and healthy and not diabetic. My doctor prescribed tablets which I have taken nightly for the past month. These have not helped. I am off to see her again on Monday and will keep you posted!

Good luck everyone.

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Ask to have your B12 levels checked. Anything under 500 can become a neurological issue as I know to my cost.


Mine came right on after spine surgery Dr says it's nerve damage from back surgery. We're screwed for life! I wish they had told me all the issues that could come about after spine surgery. Had 2 in 07 & 08. Can't walk, work, get disability, family won't help. I do what I can raising grandkids in elementary school. Good luck!


Awful! i'm managing with medication at the moment! Long may it continue. Good luck to you too!! x


Methadone 10mg every 8 hours. Cymbalta & Effexor help!

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