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Hi all not been on for while , hope everybody's keeping well ,,, not been to well in so much pain on morphine patches now 20mg helping a bit and gp gave me morphine liquid to . Hate this condition making me really depressed at the moment as my gp doesn't understand it and how it makes you feel . Just thinks give me more medication witch I don't really want to take but have to for the sleep less nights . Sending hugs to you all x

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  • Hi Soul Girl, I am sorry you are in pain so much. You sound very much like me. I find my condition drags me down , as I am in pain 70-80 % of the day & night. I would say the pain is up there with labour/ contractions at its worst and the rest of the time it is like having tooth or ear ache. My Doctor tries to help, but can't seem to find a way to cure this condition. I am new on here, so I don't know what condition you have. I hope you can learn to manage your pain and get plenty of rest.

    kind regards


  • Hi Jane thanks for your kind words , I have small fiber nuropathy , how about you . Had no sleep last night and don't think I will be getting much tonight . Feels like somebody's twisting my skin with the pain . It gets you down Carnt seem to function most days with lack of sleep . But eh Ho life goes on as they say , have to laugh or you cry ,,,,, x

  • hi so sorry to hear that your in so much pain but hey join the club i to am in constant pain and have endless sleepless nights really getting me down ,when to think 18 months ago i was feeling great then started having a stabbing,burning tingling and pins and needles in my feet legs arms and fingers also numbness keep dropping things and losing my balance.was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in december and then all this to deal with.i feel helpless as my partner has a cavenous haemangioma of the brainstem which is in-operable so have to care for him but in so much pain i just sit and cry thinking when is this pain ever going to go.

  • Hey Hun hope your ok , have they said you have small fiber nuropathy with you having diabetes at all . I was tested few wks Bk in the pain clinic and it was fine . But my consultant said to me having so much pain in my feet normally you have diabetes . But most things I have read states it's not always the case . Sorry to hear that about your partner hope he's ok and am here to chat to anytime if you need . It's horrible being in constant pain , hate it when ppl say well you look ok ,,,,,, my reply is live in my shoes then you will understand what pain is . Sending hugs x

  • Thanks for asking about my partner,not been told if i have small fibre neuropathy just diabetic peripheral neuropathy,i'm not one to complain but i am taking so many pills it's all a bit of a shock to my system, someone has told me i should apply for this new thing out called pip as i also have asthma and copd,spondylosis or whatever its called had that since 2010 .xx

  • Hi turkishdelight , sorry just seen your reply and yes deffo put in for it and if you can join a group called fight back there brilliant and will help you fill the forms in . All they ask you if you get it that you donate something like stamps bits like that etc . It's on Facebook the group but you can pm them if you don't want anybody to see it x take care love Michaela ps let me no how you get on x if you want you can add me on fb x

  • hi soulgirl just read your message thanks for listening but dont want to bore anyone there are worse people than me,of course i will let you know how i get on have sent off for the forms heard it is quite a long process i will also contact fight back and ask them to help me .xx

  • Hi turkishdelight how's things , did u contact fight back ? Not been to good with pain think it's with the change in the weather not good and my doctor as put the morphine patches up again so been bit better take care speak soon x

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