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Hi everyone,

Two weeks ago I went to see my gp who told me that my blood sugar was high. He said it is a sign for diabetes but to do a 2nd blood test to make sure. So I had the 2nd blood test taken on 20th May and then got the results last Tuesday. I went to see him and he told me that yes I do have diabetes. It's type 2 and he put me on medication and I've made an appointment to see the diabetic nurse on 7th June. I was completely and utterly shocked due to 3 things.

1) there is no family history of diabetes in my family at all

2) I had no signs for diabetes at all. I'm not thirsty at all. I always have water with me, because my throat gets dry quickly and it's due to my fibro or ME I can't remember which.

3) You can get diabetes at ant time at all. I actually found out because I had had a blood test for something else and was going for the results of that at the time that I was diagnosed.

I was astounded to be honest and really scared. I said to him "I wasn't being tested for diabetes so how did you find out?" He just said it came up with the results of the other one. So I'm now on more medication which is making my tablet container very full.

Has anyone else been diagnosed with diabetes without warning? Without knowing you had it? Whilst being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia? I'd love to hear from you. I'm still trying to absorb the facts and the change to my life. It's not the end of the world, I understand that, but I am now wondering what else I may develop even further down the line. I'd love to know that there are others like me living with Fibro, living with ME, living with a nerve condition that affects your whole body and then are now living with type 2 diabetes. It would be nice to know that I'm not alone.

Thank you


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Kimberley you are not alone. I have m.e, fibro and Lyme Disease caught after getting m.e borderline diabetes just diagnosed and just found out peripheral neuropathy and am very shocked and upset too especially as Neuro consultant told me very bluntly lower your sugar or you will end up not being able to walk!

So really same position. Think mine may also result from being on nitrofurantin for months in my 20s. Am just about to move house and now dont know if I should move to a flat or bungalow instead. Wont be posting more cos I dont like internet communities as they leave you open to too many viruses . wishing you the best of fortune.


Hi babebatista I personally don't have diabetes but I have been diagnosed with ME/cfs (with the associate fibro problems), have bi-lateral carpal tunnel syndrome, unilateral cubital tunnel syndrome, bi-lateral trigger thumb and occasionally trigger finger too, plus various other annoyances. But I wake up breathing every day so count myself lucky ;)

I jumped in here because I had a friend in exactly the same position. After years of carefully following government dietary guidelines she was mortified when diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and put on medication. I used this site amongst others to help her demystify her situation. She then resolved to reverse her situation. She was off medication within a month or so but it took her 2 years almost to the day to get the doctor to admit that she was no longer diabetic. She did not do this by following the dieticians recommended protocol but by designing her own programme around the information I gave her.

Having experience of designing diets for diabetics I can tell you now that the current UK dietary advice (or SAD) for diabetics will perpetuate or even progress your disorder. You CAN cure yourself but not by 'doing as you are told'! Instead do a google search for 'how to cured my diabetes with diet'. Ignore the ones about starving yourself or that promote low fat consumption even if you need to lose weight - they are not easy to maintain and stay 'healthy' over an extended period unless you eat less and less. You really need to look at lifestyle changes so turn instead to exercise and low or no carb methods. The ketogenic diet is one example that works well. There are many who rapidly find success with the LCHF diet if you check out this can but does not necessarily have to be ketogenic. I have personally tried LCHF , losing 10% of my body weight in less than a month whilst being unable to eat all the food in my daily plan, so can vouch for the fact that it is not a difficult plan to come to terms with - though it does require a totally different mindset. Check out youtube for videos like

that gives a wonderful explanation of the principle behind why I made the statement that opened this paragraph.

At the same time check out

or the slightly lighter

in which Robert Lustig discusses the fructose element of sugars and the damage that it does to our bodies - and how it is driving the rise not only in obesity but also metabolic disorders like diabetes.

Something else you should take a look at is using turmeric and ginger. Not only will these lower blood sugars but they should also enable you to cut down or dispense with your medications for Fibromyaligia and, possibly, the other nerve condition too.

Good luck in turning your shock into an advantage.


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