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self diagnosis peripheral neuropathy

hi new to site

I've suffered with this complaint for years and like most of you have had no success with medical opinion, however some time ago I started to log down what I had to eat during the day and discovered that certain foods caused me to have all the popular symptoms of this dammed illness? I found that if I kept away from GARLIC, TOMATOE KETCHUP, SALAD CREAM ,WHITE SPIRIT VINEGAR mainly found in micro ready meals, I did not wake up during the night with the terrible burning itch in the soles of my feet and toes, this usually occurred any time from 3am onwards, obviously there are times when I did ingest some of the above I found that I could obtain some relief by the vigorous rubbing into the affected area using any deep heat/muscle creams which are readily available, I'm told there is no cure for this complaint but I have now managed to live with it to some degree , it might mean you would have to check the ingredients in any packaged food you might buy , even a simple pizza containing garlic would have me climbing the walls at 3 in the morning !!. I hope this might bring some comfort to fellow sufferers ,

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thanks for your imfo.any comments or imfo relating to this problem is of great value


Thank you. Those particular foods don't appear in my diet much but I have recently made a list of all the foods said to relieve nerve pain according to their vitamin content. I'll see if it makes a difference. Also, I had thought of trying the Deep Heat cream and ended up getting the wrong one (ibuprofen based), it's interesting to hear that it worked. I find the combination of amitryptiline and ibuprofen works to get me through the night.


Hi Bobdog,

A quick reply here - yes, I am inclined to agree with you re particular foods - unfortunately any food lines available to the public in general is tainted with some sort of poison ie:- preservative, tin linings, plastic bottles etc. and the list goes on - for me it seems to be bread. A case of trial and error with some unpleasant results whilst we try to find the right formula.

The deep heat creams etc, definitely work in obtaining some relief. You are definitely on the right track. Thank you :)


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