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Pregabalin and pregnancy can anyone help??

Hi all I just found out I'm 6 weeks pregnant I have great concern as I have been taking pregablin for nerve and Back pain for many years I've managed to cut down from 150mg to 125mg in a week but my doctor really wants me to completly stop I'm so scared as what will happen with regards to with withdrawal and the pain I will be in amongst back problems I have recently been referred to a specialist as my dentist is adment I have Sjögren's syndrome so generally health is not that great

I just wondered if anybody on here has taken pregabalin while pregnant and if so was your baby born healthy etc I have tried to research but cannot find out anything I think my doctor wants me to get an abortion but I really can't do that any info would be deeply appreciated I'm actually going out my mind with worry thanks

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Pregabalin and pregnancy can anyone help??, I was wondering how you are doing and what you have decided to do or not do? I do not have an answer for you but I still care and worry about you and how you are doing.

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