Red Freckles and Arthritis in spine

Red Freckles and Arthritis in spine

Hi everyone,

I never had freckles growing up just moles and a beauty spot on my face. I noticed earlier this year that I started to develop red freckles. At first It didn't bother me but I now have them everywhere and I just wondered if anyone else has them? My nurse explained to me last week that they develop when I knock myself in to something or brush against something. They are little blood vessels that come out even at the slightest touch and I found out that they also occur when my bed sheets rub against me in the night!!!! I have pictures which hopefully you can see the red spots. The other thing I found out this week is that I have arthritis in the spine. Thankfully it's cleared up (not as painful as it was 2 weeks ago) for now due to some very fast working Anti-inflammatories. I have it in my lumbar region. I've always been very careful with my back as I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 16 years old. Does anyone else have this? Also do you think it's Fibro related?

Hope everyone is well. Gentle Fibro hugs to you all

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  • can anyone help me with this? Thank you xx

  • go too the doctors they will help you and put your mind at rest as too what it can be

  • I was first diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis purely due to little red freckle like spots by a very observant doctor years ago, I am now injecting Methotrexate weekly after trying many other things, it seems to be stabilized at the moment but I do have flare ups pretty regular which exacerbate other conditions.....

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