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I av to go for a medical I'm on ESA and beginning of year 2014 I asked for a supersession to be placed in support group got letters of docs etc sent everything in never heard back rang few times last call they said I was waiting for medical and wud be in touch got letter saying go for medical jan 2015 I'm worried sick wat do I say do wats asked of me can anyone help I wud like itrecorded but don't av atape recorder I was so ill before Xmas for 6 weeks or more had chest X-ray and bloods just got results today I'm borderline diabetic cholesterol high was in shock as pretty Gud with my foods not sure why this has happened can anyone let me know wat toespectfrom medical plz thank u xx

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Firstly, deep breath, I know it's scarey, but you'll make yourself ill (further ill). Try this site .. I hope it helps, and that the medical goes well for you.

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What happened?


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