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Am i being selfish?


My father, for around 25 years now, has had leukaemia. Its one of the rarer forms of leukaemia and my mother is his main carer. My brother has mild autism and my mother and father recently moved to stafford to support him through university. On a recent brain scan they found signs of dementia in my father. My mother is finding it increasingly difficult to cope under the pressure and I am seriously thinking of moving closer to her to support her but my partner isnt so shore. We both have good jobs here, friends and his family. He seems reluctant to look into the idea but i dont want to leave all this on my mother. Am i being selfish asking him to give up everything?

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Sorry to hear about your Dad,your Mum certainly has her hands full,with everyone.

One can't Realy advise you,I can understand you wanting to be there for your Mum,& don't envy your situation dear.

Your husband is used to being near his family,& it sounds like you have made a life for yourselves there,so his reluctance is understandable.

Maybe a compromise can be reached? You said its early dementia,& that could stay that way for years,on the other hand of course,it could get worse quite quickly.

Don't be to hasty with your decision,think it through carefully,together!

Best of luck,take care, Wendells xx

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