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Guys I have osteoporrosis apart from other things and yesterday evening while eating my supper I had the

appalling feeling that someone was putting a dagger into my vertebrae just above the bra strap. the pain took half an hour to go during which I did not know what to do with myself.

It is now tender and I am holding my back quite rigidly as I can also feel my hip bones diffing into the chair. I am on serious meds so I have upped them but I dont want to go to the doctors before christmas I am worried as it felt like something gave way/ any suggestion we dont seem to have a osteoporrosis site.

Thanks xgins

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I don't have osteoporosis but I can quite imagine exactly how you feel as this is the sort of pain I get (without the bra strap as I am a bloke) and it can be anywhere in my spine and it is excruciating and can last for a good few hours and I get left with the ache for days afterwards. Sometimes I have it in my ankles and hips when I am out and I am immobilised totally for what sees like hours but in reality is only ten or fifteen mins and at least with the back I can generally get to a seat but with the other joints I am unable to move (the dogs love it if we are down the park as they can do what they like with no interference from me, in truth they generally come to me and wait with me)

What does it and how to prevent it seems a mystery to the doctors and they have been as much help as a chocolate teapot on this. the trouble is it has no warning and within a week it is generally gone so by the time I can get an appointment with the Dr it is ancient history.

Still these things are a test for us to see if we are suitable for a life after this one and the more pain and problems one has the more likely one is going to have a good afterlife (hopefully anyway)

Sorry for not being more helpful with your pain.

Take care and kindest regards



Thanks for reply Terry. I can see how inconvenient it would be to be pol axed so to speak randomly. I know I have the osteoporrosis so I suspect that is it a bit of bone over producing or giving way. It sure is sore just hope by Christmas it is settled.




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