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Dormant viral deseases. Had an outer ear infection which migrated to inner ear. Seemed to clear up with antibiotics.

But earache, sore throat, deafness, stiff neck and general joint ache and fatigue still keep recurring at the drop of a hat. Had bloods, (have results), MRI of neck glands and structures, Silogram and CT. All supposedly "normal". GP's, I'm sure, dread my appearance. Any ideas?

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I've had the same symptoms as yourself for almost 20 years. I'm sure that there are many people in the same boat...our immune systems are affected for life and we pick up infections and can't shake it off for months. My Dr. said it's dorment viral diseases and stress brings it out in me. She also gave me steroids, but I was unable to sleep with them and having Fibromyalgia, I was a complete zombie.


20 years!!!!! Oh hell that's quite possibly the rest of my life!!! .BUT I saw something on UTube today about infectious organisms actually living within our own immune cells. The theory is that they are the ones responsible for CFS, Thyroid and autoimmune problems in general and are protected from our own antibodies and antibiotics because of where they are. There is a drug being trialed for use in treatment of this problem but can't remember the name, it's one of these drugs which is already in use to treat something else. HOPE!!


I would love to no the drug, a friend of mine has been in for weeks, with these symtons nothing seems to make her feel better, I think the doctor think she is making it up.


HI, Have a look at this, a bit heavy going at times but very interesting for US!



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