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a while ago someone post about grants and help for holidays

i need to go away and i have 2 daughters and a husband that is also my carer together

with my oldest one

im disable and on benefits so going on holidays is a luxury for me and financial impossible

but my depression is getting worst day by day and several people told me that i should get away for a while

does anyone knows about any cheap holidays or financial help out there

many thanks

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Hi, There are various charities that may be able to help you find a nice holiday. Depending on the health problems of each member of your family, they may even be able to collectively offer some financial assistance, which would enable you to arrange accommodation to suit all of your needs. I would suggest you could look online at charities that are applicable to your family, or the " Turn 2 Us" site has various Grants they might be able to help you with, from charities.

I do hope this information is of help to you, and that a holiday can be arranged, which I am sure will do you a lot of good at improving your sense of well-being. Take Care & Good Luck.


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