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im in so much pain i don't know what to do, i feel silly as it happened after i sneezed n now i have unbearable pain in my back and chest :(

about 3 n a half days ago i was sat in the living room and i sneezed and it felt as if i pulled a muscle in my back and the pain has got so bad that i just don't know what to do as i feel like i'd sound mad going to the doctors or hospital and telling them this . can anyone help please, i still dont know everything about FMS as i wasn't diagnosed that long ago so in still learning about it.

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It is certainly worth seeing your doctor aqs soon as possible as it may be that you have a disc problem or similar, which could benefit from physiotherapy, but should be checked first. Also a doctor can give more effective pain relief than can be obtained over the counter. It's not uncommon for back problems to occur either when sneezing or on the toilet!


my daughter had severe backpain,it went on for days,she phoned nhs direct and next thing was she had doctors appointment on thier advice.initially doctor gave her painmeds which didnt help.she went back for another appointment,this time doctor examined her back,she was found to have congenital abnormality which wasnt significant,but her back had gone into spasm.the doctor prescribed diazapam to take with the pain meds which have daughter has to go for physio,her back is still hurting,so I dont know how she will go,but she is better than she was.if backpain lasts longer than 3 days,its reccomended to see a healthcare professional.She was also told try to keep moving as much as is comfortable.


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