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Any elderly folks here have CFS

I am hoping to get a few hints and maybe a little encouragement from some of you that are older...over 75... about Chronic Fatigue... I've had a severe bout of this several years ago and 'got over it' ...now its come back full force and I feel like The Walking Dead! Going to the Dr tomorrow...mainly for a complete blood panel to rule out 'other' things ... This came on about 6 wks ago, no idea why, but I really want it to GO AWAY!! :) Any words from some of the elders here would really be appreciated. Also wishing the best to ALL of you on this site. (Thanks!)

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Ask them to check your B12 - Folate - Ferritin - VitD. B12 needs to be over 500 - Folate & Ferritin mid range and VitD around 100. Docs often say fine/normal/OK when they mean in range - but it is where you are in the range that is important. The above tests have to be requested as they are not routine.

Also low thyroid can cause fatigue 😊


Any of the above helpful ?

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Sorry for not replying sooner...just been sorta out of it...Yes, it turned out to be I was dangerously low in Vit D...clear down to a 14...so now I'm taking the D therapy for it for over a period of 12 weeks...can hardly WAIT to get some energy back... THANK YOU...


Gosh that is seriously low. VitD increases the uptake of calcium from foods so it is a good idea to take VitK2-MK7 to direct calcium away from the arteries and into the bones and teeth. Also Magnesium is an important co-factor that works with VitD in the body. Docs rarely understand nutrition ...

What were your other results for B12 - Folate and Ferritin ?


VitD is fat soluble so should be taken with your fattiest meal. I take a gel capsule containing olive oil to overcome that 😊 Make sure you take a good maintenance once you have finished the loading doses. Docs often prescribe too little.


Any news ? 😊


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