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I am new here.

I have been diagnosed with sero-negative arthritis. I was taking 25 mgs of methotrexate and my markers were still high so they wanted to start sulphazalazine. But i had a crash and burn episode in January and stopped taking my meds. I have recently been in hospital with a kidney infection causing ketoacidosis and my CRP was up at 45. I am in so much pain at present. i wear a buprphine patch and have oxynorm for breakthrough. I am not coping but i am trying to sort this. What i don't really understand is the meaning of sero-negative arthritis. Is this rhuematoid disease? (which i was told earllier on) or osteoarthritis (never mentioned) i have also been told could be Lupus? I am really confused.

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?Dear bodi

I would stop all meds and with the history you mentioned I would go a well known specialist to check me out all over again.

check this site and compare your symptoms with it :

Hope to see you well :)


The doctors are dealing with your symptoms, which they sort out by association with known disease symptoms. But they will never get to the true causes.

Have you sought counsel outside of the medical community? In the meantime, I can understand that medication is likely necessary. However, medication will over time exacerbate your problem, increase dependency and symptoms.

The best known alternative solution, which I sought, and decided to pursue as a practice, is Field Control Therapy (FCT) ( There are only a handful of practitioners.

Keep in mind that solutions are not immediate, but will require multiple sessions and some discipline in diet and electromagnetic abstinence.



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