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Colour Blindness


Hi, has anyone experienced total colour blindness, My partner has been colour blind for a month, doctor told us is part of the CD. Just wondering if anyone had that. Thanks and wish everyone a great week

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Hi there

Yes I'm having problems with dark colours, especially navy and black so you're not alone 🙂 it's a strange condition this FND

Rob186 in reply to whirlygirl16

Yes it is indeed, we are still going to an eye doctor to be sure, as it feels like everything is fnd, but better be sure

whirlygirl16 in reply to Rob186

I don't blame, as it's to easy for doctors to put everything down to FND

Hi, based on my own experience I suggest have him to see a eye doctor, some doctors relate every symptoms to FND without any further investigation, you need to be your own advocate and I will get a second and third opinion if needed. Best of luck.

Rob186 in reply to Ottaw

yes, that is the plan, thanks so much

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