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Trying to cope with FND


Hi my name is Michelle I have been diagnosed with FND it's has taken over 2years to be diagnosed after I had a brain operation for a anyserum so trying to cope with it but really hard at times

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Hi Michelle,

I'm unclear why a brain operation for an aneurysm (if that's what you mean) would lead to a dx with FND/conversion disorder/core psychiatric disorder. What was the rationale for your diagnosis?

Michie74 in reply to 210272

After my op they thought I had a stroke then I began have spasms on all limbs would go my left side has a weakness and my foot turns in aswell went through different tests they thought I had Ms or parkinson now my diagnosis is fnd in a month I could have one day with no spasms other days it is hard to manage

Brokendeer in reply to Michie74

Hi I am an FND Veteran and although I did not have any found physical brain trauma, like yourself, I was in Therapies with people who did have various brain traumas.

We all found that a good way of reducing the overload signals to the brain and calming the body from it's hyperactive nerve state was through short amounts of regular `down time'. Now Therapists love to tell you to do Meditation or Guided Relaxation, but neither of those helped me because it made me focus more on my uncontrollable muscles rather than ignore them?

What I do is have a regular rest period in the afternoon on my bed and when total relaxation of muscles/brain is needed, I listen to some Audio Cast/Play Recordings.

I enjoy Sci-Fi like Blakes 7 or Doctor Who, but there are so many other types of Audio available out there. I would suggest avoiding Audio Books themselves, as harder concentration is required and you are prone to overdo the comfortable listening timeslot i.e can cause stress not relaxation!

If it sounds like something you would like or benefit from trying, give it a go, what can you lose?

Be kind to yourself, keep positive!

Mic67 in reply to Michie74

Hi, I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis after what must have been a traumatic operation.

There are lots of FND support groups on Facebook and Twitter is the best place to keep up to date with all the recent research.

FND is a neuro-psychiatric disorder, this means that the brain and nervous system are not functioning as they should be. There is lots of new exciting research being done into the different brain regions affected. As I say, Twitter and FND Hope are the best places to keep up with this.

Most decent and woke specialists now acknowledge that the term 'conversion disorder' is bogus and there is simply no proven pathogenesis to this concept.

Hi Michelle this FND is so debilitating and causes so much fatigue

our daughter is so over it and it’s only 3 months since she was diagnosed

Keep in touch


Michie74 in reply to Sugartime

It's hard to keep going at times but have to push through it

Hi Michelle would you consider hypnosis as a form of treatment

Do you think it would work?


So is your fnd caused from brain trauma? I have also had brain trauma from a benign tumor in my ears that grew to the brain. My neurologist thinks this is what I have fnd. The epilepsy nurse was saying it's psychological and wouldn't be caused from brain trauma and that was getting my back up as I thought if you've had trauma to the brain of course this could be the cause of fnd. I was fine before what happened with my ears.

Me too I was fine before my op one doctor just said its all in your head just have to get over it

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