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I feel so alone and isolated . Where who can help . For over 20 yrs I have been in and out of hospital with strokes and TIAS my face droops and feels numb all down my right side. After having 11 TIAS a doctor said abruptly it is in your mind. This blew my mind. Over the following 2 yrs I got more Dr's opinions finally !! A full explanation I have FND . But what now . It explains the anxiety the numbness the deverstating toilet issues and the disassociation I do daily . But I can't live like this. I get extremely anxious when I go out side my comfort zone. If I can pay £35 each time I CAN HAVE MORE SESSIONS WITH a councilor . I don't have it . I feel like I don't exsist .

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Hi Derrian.

I don’t know an awful lot about FND as I’m newly diagnosed.

What I do know about is the isolation, loneliness!

My advice is to keep posting on here. Everyone Iv spoken to has been amazing. And most of all they all know what we are going through.

Over the last 10 years Iv lost all my friends. One by one!

My mum and my two daughters are my rocks.

This message probably isn’t much help. But I wanted you to know your not alone.

For anxiety, try reading or listening to a book such as "It’s Not All in Your Head How Worrying about Your Health Could Be Making You Sick—and What You Can Do about It".

Breathing exercises help with anxiety. When you exhale, say "" or "Sssssssssssssssss". Or count while you breathe slowly.

Try to think of anxiety as "excitement". Doing yoga may help with anxiety. Listening to meditations from Headspace or Calm may help. Playing Youtube bedtime meditations during the day can help with anxiety, such as

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