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Another car accident

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Good day all,

I haven't been on here in a while. I have been so occupied in dealing with injuries from the first car accident that I was involved in last year March. I have been going to Mass General in Boston for treatment, in which I was told then that i have FND.

So, last month on September 3rd, I had returned home from seeing the doctors at Mass General and on September 5th I was involved, yet in another car accident. In which this person had caused the accident as well by trying to come out of his gate from his house and was depending on his friend in the passenger seat to look in the direction that I was coming. So he slammed into me on the driver side.

So, that had caused the injuries from the first accident to become mote aggravated.

From the first accident in March of last year,I had suffered, some hearing loss in my left ear, some vision loss in my left eye, sciatica down both legs, a concussion, 3 disc bulges in the lumbar (lower) part of my back and the left side of my face I have lost some sensation.

Now, also, I had found out that I have a 9cm ovarian cyst on my left ovary and I was prepped for surgery on October 3rd but then I was told that I can't have the surgery due to a blood clot I had near my lung in 2005. So, I have to Go to Lahey in Boston for this moment I am still waiting for a date for surgery.

So, it has been a real struggle dealing with the pain and the mental stress of everything. So, now I am seeing a psychiatrist because I get anxiety when driving now and I wake up hours in the morning thinking about these accidents.

So, my psychiatrist had diagnosed me with PTSD. So, he gave me some anxiety meds to take and also some sleeping pills for me to take.

My life has been altered greatly! But, when I wake up mornings even if I am in pain, I still thank God that I am still here, I can see my son and daughter And my partner that has stood beside me through all of this, and breathe the air and still walk even though I have pain. I truly feel blessed even through all of this I am going through....because there is someone else out there that didn't wake up today.

So I wake up each morning with a smile on my face, even though I don't feel like smiling at times because I am in so much pain....but I still give thanks for life!

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That's a great positive attitude you've got. Hope your feeling better soon. Family is everything that's for sure.

Hi Bobbybobb...

I feel that if I try to stay happy.....i will have a good day! But thank you for responding back. Yes, I do hope I get better soon....and see more positive things happening for me....

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