Can someone please give me an idea what to expect I have been told its 90% certain I have this condition has I have been getting pains and soreness in my joints heads jaw numbness in hand and feet plus pins needles. I have had a number of major surgeries and the GP has suggested that over time this has caused my system to break down but still none the wiser .

Can anyone just explain the condition without needing a medical dictionary, sorry to sound stupid but I thought it was artritis

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  • Hi there I don't know how old you are but I went thru the Menopause early with my FND at the same time and I had some of the symptoms that you had. Vitamin D helps my joint pain completely and a B complex helped my tingling pins and needles. No more issues there for some time. Just thought I would suggest it in case it's worth giving it a go to see if it helps you. My theory is that when you have FND your brain is running too fast and uses more nutrients.

    Some people have FND very badly but I think compared to others I'm quite mild. I have similar symptoms to you. Helpful web sites - and Hope this is helpful to you anyway 👍☺

  • I had a Hysterectomy in 3 parts over 18 months for cancer at 27 so cant have HRT and been through the change 3 times this last time was worsed and the FND is now seems to be taking over could do with a transplanted torso I think

  • Poor you sounds awful x ):

  • Thanks I was doing ok well getting by till i started with this and it totally knocked me off my feet did you get given any medication I was given amitriptyline 150 mg

  • I found mostly that the natural therapies help me more than the prescribed ones. I do sometimes take amitriptyline but only as a last resort as the worst of my problems is total insomnia. It doesn't work for me on its own but in combination with vitamin therapy and the natural HRT it can help me get to sleep and helps anxiety associated with sleep. Sometimes I don't sleep at all for 3 or 4 days and hardly feel human. I've been this way for 5 years now. It's not like I catch up in the afternoon my brain won't switch off but it's not just thinking about things it's like it literally can't fall asleep. However as I say the HRT has helped with that and low dose Mirtazapine and natural vitamin therapy. I have a video on YouTube about my FND which you might like to see if you Google Rachel Harris FND. I also have a blog if you Google menopausal undiagnosed insomniac. I go more into detail about the therapies I use there. Hopefully some of it will be of help but at least it helps to hear someone else's story and to see them. Don't worry if you've not got time it's just an idea x

  • thanks I will have a look

  • I was told that my brain works fine and my body work fine but it's the signals going back and forth between the two that gets mixed up that's why symptoms are changing all of the time

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