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I have fnd and fibromyalgia

I have had fibromyalgia for nearly 5 years I got diagnosed fnd just 7 mouths ago I started not been able to walk stright as my gate was bent to one said and I started to get movements and a lot of spasms been to see a neurosy and she said it was my body that was doing it not my brain when my body gets tired witch is a lot of the time i start to spams more i do a lot of mindfulness and that is what helps me any body no of some think else that might help

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Morning ....my gait also worsens greatly to the point of complete immobility if I don’t rest ...expect you’ve heard of ‘pacing’ !.....

I know now that if I do all possible to keep to max of 2k steps each day , ( just keep an eye on app on my phone..not obsessively tho )...if I go much over this I’m house bound the next day.....it’s tricky of course

Also, I try to avoid any slopes ...not easy in hilly Brighton!....this way my lest leg weakness, limp, muscle spasms, foot cramp etc don’t get to ‘crisis’ point too often.

I find my walking improves when distracted, when chatting to a friend, or I look at the architecture of buildings, easy as I walk so slow 🙄.....if limp gets bad I STOP... sway a little from side to side and re start with a wide stance.....biggest lesson I leant from my fab neuro Physio was ‘ rest BEFORE you think you need to’........ helpful I have lots of cafes near me too......anyway we are all different , but hope something here helps a little?

Take care Lucy in Brighton


Thank you x


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