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help with husband

my husband has started to stutter and not be able to communicate what he wants.. he has also started to have tremors or shaking for his hands.. he gets very frustrated with these things. We have a drs appointment next week. He served three tours in vietnam and was exposed to agent orange many times.. how do i support him and console him with these issues?

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Please tell your husband that I greatly appreciate his service to our country. I am also a Veteran who has been dealing with FND issues. Here is a site that may provide you some information on how you can support your husband.


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Hi Firstly Thank you to your Husband for the service he served the country, Amazing Man!! My advice is just be there for him, be patient with him as im sure he is very frustrated at the moment, let him know that things will be ok as im sure they will, I hear alot of sufferers get a stutter but in time it does go, Im glad you have a Dr Appointment, my advice is write down everything you want to ask because you are bound to forget something, i find this very helpful. I wish you all the best and hope it goes well at the Drs, please let us know , sending hugs xx


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