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Functional Neurological Disorder - FND Hope
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I mostly respond to others posts but was reading an article from Psych Central a Psychology information site, often with insightful articles. I signed up and they send me the sites topics to check out if I wish.

One caught my eye, What makes an online peer support group HELPFUL. The key word here being HELPFUL. I am not going to just type out the guys article but have placed the link below.

Although the writer does not have FND, he is Bi-Polar, the basis for success in his opinion, which I agree with is. KEEP IT AS POSITIVE AS POSSIBLE. I don't mean we can't off load some times, we all need that for sure. Maybe it is easier if I just let those who wish read his views.


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Good comments in the article. I get very frustrated when someone desperately wants positive suggestions on how to improve their life and all they get is 50+ responses with hugs, hang in there and nothing more. While I don't want those responses to stop, I always try to leave positive suggestions in all my posts in groups, although sometimes it's either a bit close to home for me (and I seem to have had a very wide variety of significant medical issues over the years that have left me emotionally upset), I've already spent too much time online that day and have to get offline before I say something stupid as I'm just about to have a seizure or something, or I don't have anything positive to say to them. But I much prefer to offer positive suggestions to help make it easier to handle FND.

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Thanks Vivienne, we all ned to be compassionate towards each other that's a no brainer. But we also need to help ourselves. If I had only one pot to cook a meal in

and the handle broke, rather than starve to death I would find a way to continue using it. That's how I see this condition, probably most conditions. Not a great example but think it puts across what I mean.


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