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I have to giggle !

So with all the things that go on with me such as:

Dragging my feet like the elephant man

Forgetting my kids names and who my mom is,

Slurred speech

Aches and pains out of nowhere

Feeling stoned most days of the week,

I have to laugh at myself it's amusing that I hardly ever wear make up or do my hair due to sheer exhaustion and the fact that some of the silly things I do !!

Does anybody else laugh at their selves or am I just strange ???

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Oh my yes indeed. If I didn't laugh I'd cry !

For example I desperately wanted to go to my works Ball last Friday ....so good ol' epsom salts bath...,tens machine...heaps of volteral....the usual drugs!! Oh my....you'd think I was preparing to run a marathon! Not just limp around a bit then sit for dinner...but it was worth it so be sociable again :).


Oh 123lisa ... I'm so glad I'm not the only one who laughs ... My fab friend Jo laughs with me and calls me Trunky because of the way I walk ... And Iove her for it! It stops me feeling sorry for myself! Sending you lots of love, light and laughs 😍


I used to laugh.... I did at last hospital

Visit as left leg glued to floor and no one knew what to do..... need to laugh more often as it's good for the body!! Watch Michael macintyre recently had s good giggle!!! Try and find a way to laugh it does help 😍🤗


Oh I love him he makes me chuckle x


Laughter is the best medicine we have. The bible says a merry heart doeth good like a medicine, but a down cast spirit dries up the bones.....So very true. My kids laugh at me sometimes, people use to get mad at them, but they weren't really laughing at me more with me...They knew I felt less self conscious when they laughed then when people would feel sorry for me. :-)


I too laugh at myself sometimes. I have had so many falls that my husband and kids attatched tennis balls all over my walker so that if were to fall I would just bounce back up! LOL


Good one I will try that !!