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Just Checking In!!

Hi Everyone, Just Dropping in to say Hi and to see how your all doing? Ive got a start of a cold, sore throat and running nose... Weather not helping, One minute sunny then raining, Cant seem to make its mind up.. So hows everyones week been so far? Ive just been doing Admin stuff for Fndhope and things behind the scenes which I love, Monitoring my pain, Fighting my Fatigue , which isnt easy but im not giving up.. Come say Hi, love to hear from you.. xxxx

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Hey thanks for doing the fnd admin! Not sure my brain could cope. Fatigue is awful... sleeping 19 hrs a day currently.... wish there was a magic pill or drink... 🤗


Your very welcome, I really enjoy. I get day's that I struggle but I just love helping people if I can. I wish I could give you all a magic Pill to cure you all. But for now I will cont8to support you as much as I can. Ive been up all night as I've got a cold and my nose is like a tap. Oh the joys!! Hope you have a good day ☺


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