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Parallels in the universe

Fascinating day..... got out of work to be there for daddio in his battle with the local ER for the classics (weakness, fatigue and the grand set of autonomic dysfunction). After the most blissful 4 hours sitting with the greatest guy in a cavernous room that reminds me of a catacomb (minus the skeletons), we delivered our defense to exit and scurried to freedom.

Being home, resting, and needing to turn my attention to my pup, Pierre, I hatched a plan to go walk and play outside. Lovely spring weather and happy dog lead to happiness until my legs become like felled trees that are nearly impossible to pick up to move my feet one step after another. The muscles in my calves turn to stone. Every stretch of the muscle causes me to walk slower, shorter steps causing a dulled pain that I register as discomfort, but simultaneously feel disassociated from the sensation.

Of course my genetic stubborness leads Pierre and I to the tennis courts where I attempt to stretch it out and do jump rope (childhood.....:) ).

Needless to say, it has been interesting day. I ended up on couch right after walk, had a few forks of salad and water, then passed out on the couch. Gotta love the normalcy of my abnormalcy :)

Dysfunction at its best.... at least for today

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Let me just say I would not have remained a living organism in urgent care today without your extended tour of duty and Tricia having been there for me as well. We did at least get to once again experience healthcare American style.

Such a memorable occasion to hear those words "you may be in trouble but we can't help you so go back to your primary care physician for further investigation."

That came just several hours after being told by primary care to go to urgent care for the same reason.

I now know that becoming a doctor may not be a choice. Hope you feel up to more schooling kid...

All the love in the world. You my baby girl.

Dad (Dan / Seattle)


Loved this, you and your daughter against all odds, brilliant sense of humour, love, in a challenging environment, and love the puppy too. My best wishes Lisa and Trevor. 🤗🤗🤗🤗


Thank you Lisa-anne. Up to my eyeballs studying physiology of the heart. That thing is complicated. Meet with doc next week to decide if failure is most likely structural or autonomic so plan for testing can be put together to locate cause.

Could not do any of this without my sweethearts in life hanging in there to support me. Tricia said this morning before she went to work that I was to do my best research on this because she wanted me to stick around to be with her. Heck, I am the one who can't do without her or Andrea .

I think they just like me cooking and cleaning - what of that I can still do. I'm just kidding!

She, Andrea and Rachael keep me laughing. We all keep trying.

Loved hearing from you. Say hi to Trevor and my thanks to you for being here. Makes all the difference in the world.

Much love and big hugs.

Dan / Seattle

Oh yes. Pierre the poodle is real spoiled!


Glad to hear Pierre is spoiled, my 3 labradoodles are thoroughly spoilt, they think settee was for them only plus bed hogging, but cuddling them when awake through early hours of morning is lovely for me, my Trevor asks me to keep going for him as his world empty without me, so will keep going, I hope you have only Good news about your heart, it's big enough for us on here, can't nothing happen to you, love always to you and yours. 🤗🤗😊😁

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Thank you Lisa-anne! I agree with you and dad, the thing that keeps us going in our life is those people around us that love us and we love them. All is okay then

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