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Another problem...so annoying!!!

Hi everyone,

Well i went back to work. First 2 weeks were for 4 hours a week then 5 hours for 2 weeks. Monday i am starting 6 hours per day but really dont think i can manage more. My GP feels the same. I went to the pain clinic this week and was told that I need an MRI on my spine as the consultant thinks that i have nerve damage in my neck which is causing migraines and pain in my shoulder. To me that makes alot of sense. The pain in my neck and shoulder has increased considerably since returning to work due to using the telephone alot. I am now back on medication😔😔 as advised by my consultant and GP. Really not happy with this new development.

Will keep you all updated.

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OH no Angela, that's not good to hear. I am glad that you have been able to get back to work some, but more issues are not cool. Best of luck to you, and I hope that they can find some help for you.


Thank you for your reply. I hope so to.


Angela: SO sorry. More challenges, pain and frustration. Hope you can get help with this soon.

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