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Hello everyone as you all know I haven't been to well of late , due to gallstones . Well it turns out I have chronic pancreatitis doctor has found 3 lumps in my pancreaous , I've had a whole heap of blood test including ana and immunology and Tumor makers , I also have ultra sound on Monday to determine what the lumps are then I'll be sent to another specialist who will determine as to what will be the best treatment and op to have. Dr said I was lucky I kept pushing for answers and not putting it down to FND as to many of us make that big mistake. So I say to you all if you don't feel right keep pushing and pushing don't give up make dr listen to you . So glad I have had a great team of specialist working with me over the past few months. There is always answers to why we all get sick. Will post again next week after I go back to see Dr . I hope you are all doing well and remember keep smiling you are all amazing ❤️️💖😇🙏😇💖Ronwyn

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I'm glad you are getting the medical care you need. I kept pushing for more than a year, and it turned out that I had several non-FND causes of pain on the right side, between my diaphragm, lowest rib and top of the hip bone. It's only a very tiny space, however, I had gall stones/inflammation/whatever, plus a uterine cancer metastasis, plus costochondroitin (where the lowest rib connects painfully to the rib above it), plus a paralysed diaphragm that was being stretched to it's limit by a liver that had moved right up high under my right lung...above boob height, way above where it should have been. Oh, and gastritis, IBS and I keep pinching the tissues between the bottom rib and the top of the hip bone. Plus there's a few other things going on in there too that I keep forgetting about.

So, like you, it pays to keep searching, and not accept that a thumb-sized lump under my ribs is just a natural lump of stuff from when my diaphragm got torn, and find out that oh, dear, it really is cancer after all! (Fortunately it disappeared completely after 3 months of taking Provera, a birth control pill containing only progesterone.)

I was watching Dr Hallett's webinar yesterday, and one of his answers included exactly your advice. Don't accept that all of your symptoms are from FND, especially new symptoms. Up to 15% of people with Dystonia also have FND Dystonia, for example. A lot of us have an FND variety of a known medical condition, as well as having that medical condition. i.e. we have both the medical condition and FND that sort of matches that medical condition's symptoms. He says that's normal, so keep searching if you aren't sure.

He did, however, acknowledge that finding a sympathetic doctor who will continue to follow up and make sure that all of your symptoms have been accounted for, can be difficult.

If you can, try to watch the next FND specialists webinar, the next one being in 2 weeks time. Free to join. Check and go to the Specialists page for more info.

I hope you can find relief of pain that you are looking for. That sort of constant pain isn't easy to live with. Big hugs


Ronwyn and Vivienne

You are both incredible people.

Ronwyn, I love the prayer and will say it nightly for you to help get you through this trial. Love and strength to you dear.

Vivienne, with Hallett having said all that then he is a changed man from when I last heard him. Makes me happy - I think. I wish he would tell his peers so they would stop sending me home with more pills. Although, if I am having duplicate manifestations from organic and inorganic disease then hope has been diminished in my neck of the woods. Much love to you too Vivienne.

Dan / Seattle


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