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I was referred to a speech therapist for my condition which i didn't think would help. How wrong was I! I underwent a serious of speech tests and have found out that it is difficult for me to pronounce words beginning with BU, BEAU and PU, i cannot whistle anymore as my mouth cannot form a circle to do this, i cannot remember words when asked. Eg i was asked to say as many words beginning with B in 1 minute. I managed 10 as it felt like my brain just stopped working and when studying and writing sentences in my own words , the sentences sometimes do not make any sense. Apparently the Bells Palsy virus has affected a part of my brain and nerves. Seriously unhappy about this but at least i know and will continue to see the speech therapist.

Things can really only get better as i pray they dont get worse!

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  • Good luck with your therapy, I only found out by chance that I can't recite 3 words back. But if you ask me about areas iv studied and am passionate about I can have a major conversation (on a good day maybe) 😏

  • Speech therapy is so helpful for memory and word recall as well. really has made a difference to me!

  • A friend had Bell's a few years back and recovered. There was *one* positive while he was under its influence. His wrinkles went away on one side of his face. It was like a dose of Botox, he'd say with a laugh.

  • AngelaB-1968

    We always pray for the best. Wonderful to hear from you. Did you update your blog again? I went there a few weeks ago to visit (i think) to try and keep up. Best wishes for the day.

    Dan / Seattle

  • I will try to. Thank you for reminding me!

  • I hope that you give speech a chance. Trust me I understand how hard this all is. I am in PT to help with my gait disorder. My husband asked me if i thought it was working? Of course that was after i almost fell over from weakness..He is worried..and I hate that....But even though the therapy wears me out, I do believe in therapy to help improve symptoms. No matter the reason. you know? Hang in there. sending positive thoughts. Patti

  • Thank you. I find it very enlightening and helpful so far in understanding my condition more.

  • Yes I totally understand. I have always found comfort in knowledge. It helps me make sense of all the changes my body is experiencing....🙂

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