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Could this be a cure for FND?

Hi everyone!

I posted a blog last night for this site but having fog brain ( an excuse for being 48! ) i posted it to a different site but a kind person advised me should it have been meant for this site, so I'm writing it out all again for you lovely folk.

Me & Kim was watching the BBC 1 news last night when a very interesting report came on regarding a gentleman.

He's a painter & decorator by trade and he started to get tremors in his right hand which was affecting his profession as you all can fully relate with in some way.

The Surgery wasn't the typical invasive type but what they did was as follows:

They shaved his head and put a square kind of device onto his head which stabilized his head as they slid him into what looked like an MRI scanner machine.

He was fully awake as the procedure went on but was having support from his wife bless her as it progressed.

What the Neurologist did was transferred some kind of sound waves directly into his brain which was causing the tremors.

Amazingly when he came out, his hand had stopped shaking and he could put his hand forward to the Neurologists hand and back towards his own nose.

He couldn't do this prior to this treatment.

The Neurologist said that this type of treatment will be on trial next year and hopefully will go nationwide which will help people with MS, Parkinsons and other Neurological conditions but the demand for the treatment will be massive.

When the reporter described this gentleman's symptoms i actually thought he was going to say FND because of the way he described the brains signals not working properly and misfiring.

The amazing thing here is that the Neurologist said the treatment can be a permanent fix.

I hope and pray for my wife's sake and all you wonderful and inspiring people that this could be the beginning of the end for FND and it's effects on people.

Try and google it for more info and let me know what you think.

Did any of you watch it and what are your opinions on it?

Just let's hope it won't be a post code lottery treatment as it is sadly for other illnesses and it's sufferers.

Best Wishes!

Tony & Kim xx

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Hi Tony & Kim,

I saw this too & thought exactly the same. Fingers crossed, they will start to roll this out but as I'm sure you'll agree we will be at the end of the queue as many other conditions need urgent attention & until Fnd is truely recognised, even for us to get in the queue will be a battle.

See you on the front line!

Nicola x


Thanks Tony and Kim-I didn't see it but will try to find it somewhere. Sounds hopeful and non-invasive which is a good thing :).

All the best, Debbie xx


Hi sounds interesting but I haven't been able to watch tv since my seizures started in August. I have just seen a neurologist on Friday and confirmed fnd. £295 for 30 mins, so guess this treatment will be the same due to demand and money talks. Let's hope something good comes out of it and there is some hope for our future. Thanks for sharing x


Hi, an extremely interesting program. Can't remember what it was called. This is a link to the BBC Health Report.

Think this may be it, Trust Me I Am A Doctor.

The issue still remains for many of us with FND have NOTHING VISIBLE on our scans and it then follows that the doctors do not know where in the brain to treat.

Parkinson's and other movement disorders have recognisable damaged areas and this new advance in treatment is a wonderful tool that could alleviate unwanted symptoms. Great news, not a surgeons blade in sight.

I am no doctor but let's hope this research can be used to help the many thousands of people who feel abandoned by the system and highlight our cause.

I take this opportunity to wish everyone out there a Happy Xmas.



Hi Tony and Kim,

I saw the program. They used similar treatment for the actor, Michael J Fox's Parkinson's, a few years ago. I think it's going to be a while yet before it's mainstream, if it's just going to trial in UK. MR Fox had success for a while before another set of neurones started giving him problems.

I hope they find something useful and we don't have to wait for this.

Best wishes,

Mel xxx


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