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Hi all! Confused -is anyone else getting help from neuro-rehab?

Since having help at home, I'm learning how to pace myself and use 'energy counters' in my mind-10 a day :). We filled out a form together on what I miss now that I have finally been diagnosed with FND, and use a walking stick or wheelchair outside.Narrowed it down to 3 main ones and that was it!Paperwork done and off he went...

Am I aiming to do them or let them go?Some days I can't move much of my body, I have dissociative seizures and pain, loss of speech and much more.None of the 3 three are achievable then and it just makes me feel I've failed on those days.

Do others feel that you get what's said at the time and then it gets a bit scrambled?

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My FND doesn't present itself in quite the same way as yours but I do understand about the speech being scrambled. It comes and goes though. I'm being referred to neuropsychiatry to see if they can get to the root of mine. I hope things go better for you soon love and prayers x x


Thanks for replying - and good luck with your appointment.

love and peaceful moments xxx


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