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Hi I was at a meeting last Friday discussing FND. I watched an amazing video a young Australian teacher had posted. She was profoundly affected by the condition. However with intensive care (not available in the UK as far as I know) she made what appears to be a complete recovery. A physio persevered and took the risk of putting her on a treadmill. Crazy idea what. But as it sped up her muscle memory, pathways took a life of their own and she started to run. RUN !!!!!!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Now she is back to full time teaching. Soooooooooooo DON'T GIVE UP.

I can't find the video anywhere, does anyone have the link?

Good luck folks.

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There are intensive programs in the UK. Check out and for more info. If you can't find anything there, ask questions in the big FNDHope Facebook group. There are several people there who have been through the programs, in London and elsewhere.

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Don't do the whole Facebook thing sorry. Is it a bit of a postcode lottery then as to where you live.

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