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Mouth and throat?

Hey folks

With my FND I have issues with mobility etc and chronic pain

However few months ago noticed thrush like issues on my tongue ... I had tests by doctor who said "it looks like thrush from your tablets take these to counteract"... Do I took them.. Still there after.. So he said he'd do a swab.. So when he did he said it'll come up saying what the infection is.. And if it comes back blank he will be stumped..

It came back clear..

Every day I wake up with a mouth dry like a hamsters cage! It's insane and looks mental on tongue and not nice to feel either.

So doctor is stumped and I'm wondering does anyone else have similar?

I see my neurologist in 2 weeks again, she's dr Murray in Glasgow and is incredible! Works closely on FND hope website :)

Also been told my bladder is not working and will also result in me needing surgery to get a urostomy bag eventfully as I catheterise daily.

All from a car crash but neurologist says its FND but urology day no lol so it's rather crazy some times!

Cheers for your time and replies


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Oh I hope you can find some answers, that sounds aweful. My prayers are with you


Are you on medication for you bladder issues? Sometimes these can give you a very dry mouth.

I too catheterise daily due to retention and incomplete emptying. I don't take meds for it though.

I also had a car accident that sparked off my FND. I have a functional overlay, ie there are some physical reasons but I should not be suffering the amount of symptoms that I currently have.

I see a neurologist in Dundee, although I was assessed by Dr stone from Edinburgh/Glasgow. It was him that diagnosed the FND overlaying the physical symptoms.

It can be very frustrating as whenever I get anything new it is immediately put down to FND and only followed up if it is still present months later.


THanks for your reply

Nope no medication for bladder just the joys of the catheters.

Just tramadol, pregabalin and celecoxib all for the pain and spasms etc

I'll see dr Murray 1st March so can ask her but am sure it'll be down to the umbrella issue of FND!

Did you ever find compensation an issue to get from the accident? I'm in middle of it all and unsure what to expect etc but much rather have full health!!



I found the 8 yr ordeal very stressful and felt like I had to jump through many many hoops and prove what was wrong with me. I was so very pleased when I decided to settle in a meeting prior to court hearing. I must add I was the only person that was happy. My legal team and my family were not so pleased, but money is not the answer to everything and I wanted my life back. I felt if I didn't have that stress I may make a better recovery.

I didn't make a miraculous recovery sadly but did regain enough functionality to cope with gaining part time employment.


Thanks for your response

Will be a journey am sure for me also. Hard enough with NHS without having the judgement of lawyers etc

All the best


I get dry mouth in the whenever I sit in the car to start driving, it's like my mouth turns to instant velcro. Extremely painful, trying to peel the layers apart so I can even swallow a sip of water! I think mine is from medications.

I carry a spray bottle of Biotene with me everywhere. It helps to a certain extent.

Another trick I learned is to rub a tender spot to the front of the knee caps but just below and on the inside of the front...perhaps 3-4 inches down from the top of the leg when sitting. Rub around until you find it. It seems to help unlock problems with water retention, dry mouth, full bladders etc.

I also have very dry eyes at night time, and often wake during the night with my eyes so dry and painful that I have to wash them before I can even open them the tiniest bit. I use eye gels instead of eye drops and they help a bit.

With both of these conditions, you can drink 3 litres of water a day (50% more than recommended) and still have very dry eyes/very dry mouth. It's not from lack of drinking enough water!

Try the Biotin or talk to your doctor/pharmacist about other options for dry mouth. Also, if you think it's thrush, use something like Daktarin Oral, just for a week to see if it helps. It might help to clear up some other oral hygiene issues from having such a dry mouth.

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Many thanks :)

Will be seeing my nuerologist on Tuesday so will speak to her regarding this and see what she thinks too :)


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