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Anybody with FND live near Atlanta, Georgia, USA?


I wonder if anyone lives near Atlanta, Georgia, USA? It would be nice to establish a support group, as there isn't any source of support otherwise. I haven't found anyone in the medical field that is able to help, nor do they want to invest time trying to help. Neurologists do not have adequate training in this field, and are more discouraging than helpful.

Also, I also find it interesting that many of us have had a significant medical experience prior to the onset of FND symptoms, including myself. Is there anyone out there who did not have a major medical illness prior to FND?

Lastly, is there anyone who has actually "overcome" FND long-term/permanently?


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Interesting that no-one replied to you. You might find more people will reply if you join the large FNDHope/Conversion Disorder Facebook group. They have a register there of where people come from, and they have several thousand members.

There is a wide variety of things that trigger the onset of FND. Trauma of any kind, including medical problems, surgeries, illnesses, viruses, bacterial infections, accidents, traumatic incidents, and adrenal overload leading to overwhelm and finally meltdown. And for some people there is no known cause, it just happens. around 1 in 3 people with CD/FND do not have any traumatic issues in their past.

My daughter, a senior child psychologist, says that if she sees patients early enough, they can be 'fixed' very quickly. The longer the wait between onset of symptoms with (mostly) teenage girls and treatment, the longer they will have problems. She hasn't been able to make my symptoms go away, though! lol

Hope you can find some support.


Sorry..I live in Virginia and am trying to find a support group here. Wish you good luck..hope yo can find a group. I have noticed that there are not a lot of people in the US on this site. That's most likely due to lack of knowledge in the US.


I am in Luray, Virginia. I did not not have a major medical illness prior to ME/FND. I have been ill since 2009 when I was exposed to a potent neuro-toxin bug spray. I researched the bug spray and found that , "it can cause severe and adverse effects on the brain and CNS, symptoms like MS and MG. Haven't been too successful in getting this info heard by neuros, although present neuro did not dispute.


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