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Conversion/ FND

Hi...15 years ago I began to suffer from a movement disorder..After 4 neurologists diagnosing me with left sided myoclonic dystonia I was diagnosed with conversion disorder..8 years ago I underwent 60 biofeedback treatments which stopped the movement but caused a host of other symptoms including aphonia, blepharospasms and at times a severe sensitivity to sight and sound..This last year I have developed chronic pain in my right arm and leg. Over the years I have seen numerous councellors and psychologists but can not determine any psychological factors that could be causing my symptoms. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced these symptoms and if you've had any treatments for them.

It's been a long rough road being told it's psychogenic when there is no stressor there..

Any help would be appreciated...Thanks Shawn

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Hello and welcome. It's hard to keep on plodding when you're told it's all functional and not at all physical, or like some of us here physical but with functional overlay.

The thing with FND is that were all experiencing different symptoms. Some are very similar or patterns are similar, but there are some of us that don't fit with any particular diagnosis.

It's a hard road to travel. Hopefully we are pioneers and in the future it will be easier for others,in the meantime we keep on plodding.

I hope you get some answers soon.

I've spent since July being prodded and poked and I'm still being given more tests in the new year. Not a nice experience and it's messing with my work schedule, but every clinic I've been to has found something else that has needed investigating by another specialist.

I have problems that they find but they can't find a reason for it. So it's diagnosed as a stress response, but I'm not stressed. I feel like I'm going around in ever decreasing circles.


I know exactly what you mean...I've been told for 15 years that it's stress but that just doesn't hold water...When I was seeing my neuropsychiatrist she would tell me something different everytime...Eventually she just told me they don't know and learn to live with it....How can you learn to live with something when the symptoms keep changing


so sorry for your poor health fnd has many sides. in ,London there is a rehabilitation unit to help retrain the brain perhaps you can investigate for the new year I know there a few hospitals that do it but any think is worth a try. good luck . hope you have a lovely Christmas despite your health and that 2016 will give you help and hope. take care Jill xxx


Very similar experience and symptoms. More pain and disability on my right side. No confirmation by mental health professionals that this is a conversion of stressors in my body.

I had had a variety of holistic treatments, pain management, meditation and more. I am reading on this website about B-12. physio being helpful. I am now taking B-12 and hoping I will have more energy.

Hope you can find some treatments that will be of benefit to you.

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