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Hi guys I've been suffering from this for seven months and I'm not improving, severe tremors both legs dizziness pain in my legs, and find myself on crutches and wheelchair when I go out, as I can't walk far due to my knees giving way and me falling, I am very positive and happy, even tho I've lost my driving licence and job as I was a bus driver, my question is am I going to recover from this, as things don't seem to be improving.

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Have you ever tried a vitamin D supplement? I used to fall over all the time and have terrible pain in my legs till I tried that? I'm 5 years in in February and I think lots of people here will tell you that they have peaks and troughs but I've discovered, by the grace of God, different vitamins therapies and natural therapies help along the way. The pharmaceutical end only a small portion of my treatment plan.

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Hi! there is a great community of people on the Australian site of FND Hope, it really depends on where you are. The moderators have put together a list of professionals who specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of FND. However, that said I also have seen so many different doctors and trying to get in to see people is like pushing a boulder uphill. If you are international or in the U.S try to find a good physiotherapist (or occupational therapist) part of this condition is to find a way to "fix the pathway that got broken" (i.e to retrain yourself to walk). I don't know where you are but what I do know if that the US is even behind in terms of treatment care of patients.

There are three main areas of getting help

1. Old fashioned psychiatry (however with someone who knows that the DSM-5 has been updated, so before making an appointment check to find out if the practitioner knows this and also knows that there is an actual diagnosis test for FND)

2, General Doctor who is able to prescribe some kind of drug like diazapem ) again not all things work the same for everyone this drug allows me to function to be able to type this response etc etc

3. Physio who has knowledge and has worked with movement disorders

There is no quick fix and no one method. Everyone gets different symptoms, also sometimes like in my case the symptoms change. also has info.

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Hi thanx for your response I'm in the uk, in getting a second opinion in March but my original neurologist suggested a neuropsychologist, so going to see my doctor about seeing one, I got a letter off my neurologist yesterday saying it was anxiety related fnd I can agree with the fnd but I disagree with the anxiety bit, I've had three quite serious accidents in the last three years and I think that's a possibility, my symptoms change like yourself, the worst being my knees giving way and me falling, I know it's going to be a long road, and a possibility of not getting better, but I always stay positive well 99% of the time. Onwards and upwards.

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