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About a month ago I was diagnosed with FND and then not given any more information about it. I sought out the information myself and also through this forum and FNDhope, people gave me links and information. The problem in Australia, is that whenever I tell health professionals that my diagnosis is FND, they have absolutely no idea what I am talking about. I went to see a physiotherapist and ended up having to show him links to UK health sites. The problem is there is nothing available for Australian patients, certainly not much at all in Melbourne where I come from. There is a website that has a list of practitioners that know of FND however most of those people are chiropractors, and none of them are GP's or physiotherapists. I ended up designing my own physiotherapy program, from the evidence and material from the UK physiotherapists and that, alongside seeing a psychologist and now starting hydrotherapy, is starting to help with the symptoms. I wanted to update my progress here, on the forum

and also to let anyone know, if you are in Melbourne or Australia, that you can contact me. You are NOT alone, even though at first it indeed feels that way especially when your GP or neurologist diagnoses you with FND and then actually goes leave you alone to "figure it all out on your own". Also people on this forum have been incrediably helpful. Hopefully, some of the medical profession will catch up with the UK at some point!

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