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Neurological issue with 2 years kid

Dear All,

I am not sure if this forum is right place to post. One of my relative's kid when born did not cry and started crying after one month. Now he is more that 2 years in age but only moves his hand and blink eyes but is not able to move the body at all. When went to many Neurologist no improvement was there and doctor does not even disclose whether this is curable. Kid is not able sit or move or hold his neck.

This is a very difficult situation for the family. KIds mother had left her and not interested at all. All your suggestions are highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,

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Although yes this is very sad but I feel you need to go back to the hospital and demand the doctors share what they think is wrong with the child. I think this is not the right place for trying to find out what is wrong with this child although we are here to help you and the child's mother to discuss ways that may help but I suggest you go back to the hospital or their own GP and demand to be re-referred to an appropriate doctors and clinics.

I am sorry if I come across as not wanting to help but you could be given the wrong help for the poor child

I hope you find the right help good luck and please let us know how things are going


Hi, This sounds to be a horrible situation, but unfortunately not one this group can help with as it is for Functional Neurological disorder which cannot occur in a child of this age. As advised, you need a Paediatrician to investigate her problems. Without knowing where in the world you are I cannot even guess what health service is available to you, but I do hope you find some answers for the child's sake.

Best wishes. Duncan


Heartbreaking, You must persevere, insist on second opinion or even a third. There are medical conditions that may affect a child in this way. Don't give up the fight, Were you given any info ? Childbirth, was it straight forward with no complications?

I hope you will find the help that is sorely needed.


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