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Just diagnosed

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Do anyone have trouble with bright daylight ? As I walk outside the bright light effects my balance and feel light headed, so sun shine makes it difficult.

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Hi.I don't get the sunlight problem as bad as you ,but I have to wear dark glasses a lot all year because my eyes don't like any bright lights.Not even in shops .

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Tuwy in reply to rosie15

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly ! Thanks a great help . Tuwy xx

Hi I have been wearing shades for years I have light senitive eyes even the light bulbs in the house are low watt bulbs I wear them all the time even out in the dark

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Tuwy in reply to MADDSCOTTSMANN

Thank you I'll start wearing dark glasses. Tuwy. x

Hi Tuwy,

I was very sensitive to light and noise in early days-has improved a lot.

Are you able to stand still,feet together,shut your eyes and maintain your balance for a full minute ?

Can you still balance in the dark ?

Anything that interferes with my vision-bright light,dark,dappled light when walking past a barred fence in bright sun,hair blowing in eyes,eyes shut etc causes me to lose balance. We use three mechanisms to balance : ear,eye and brain centre,if brain centre is not working we can compensate with two but if another is taken away,eg : sight, we are in trouble !

Kind regards, Angela x

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Tuwy in reply to angelite

Hi Angela, thanks for your reply , my balance is bad , lts exactly as you say ,not tried it in the dark yet but will do .its great to have contact with people who understand ,I only got diagnosed this week so still reading about it ! and taking it all in . Tuwy xx

Do you have Adies Tonic Pupil? The pupil does not constrict with light, thus, leaving the pupil unprotected. I have it in both eyes. I've had it long enough that both pupils have become frozen, with one notably larger than the other. This also is related to the Autonomic system. Although the condition does not affect balance, bright light significantly affects one's eyes. Because so much of the FND symptoms are related to Dysautonomia, it doesn't surprise me that Adies Tonic Pupil is also related to it. Best wishes.

Bright light, sharp or sudden noises, stress, and fatigue can all be triggers. Our brains being compromised struggle with these things. I too wear sunglasses, flourescent lighting seems to be the worst. Find a cute pair or shades you"ll look great!!!! God Bless, cathy

Hi I have the same problem and my field of vision is also very poor I've got to have a mri scan to see what's going on with the brain

Thanks for replying hope all goes well for scan ! Sending you a big hug x

i feel a little light headed only when i am outside i normaly squint quite often i find it so bad i can not see where i am going

Yes, I do and also too much noise, or being in a situation, restaurant, etc, with too many people and too much going on. These things overload my CNS.

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