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Hi, I've newly been diagnosed and I'm a little lost! I have a issue with speech. One minute I'm ok then the next I go really hot, get a heavy pain in my head then my speech begins to slur. Within 10 minutes I am unable to speak and for days or weeks I'm left with like a stutter. It does gradually go and I returned to normal speech but this is happening every few months now. Is there any medication to help this or treatments? Or does anyone else have this?

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Have you had your VitD3 blood test? Your symptoms are very similar. If you google vitamin D3 deficiency you will see. You don't need a prescription at the pharmacy for these. I have taking them as well as my other drugs for 4weeks now and they have made a huge difference. For me they have stopped the hot head sweats help with fatigue and head fog feels clearer and thought process feels easier as does speech. Worth asking GP for the blood test.


Ok thank you, I'll speak to my doctor. My GP seems to have no idea what's wrong with me and even had to google FND! I was diagnosed by my neurologist but left with no information. I'm now getting confused and at times hardly remember where I live! Are you on medication for yours?

Thank you very much for your reply.


My GP thought I had MS initially. I had lumber puncture and MRI and saw a Neurologist, he diagnosed FND and put me on Amitripyline. He said to start on one a night and go up to maxi of 7. I feel worse the more I have so stuck to 1 a night. They have made a massive difference and lots of my issues are dulled down, enough to feel normal. I take vit b12 too after reading so much on here. Started to feel really tired and run down about a month ago so GP ran full bloods and found my vit D3 was on the floor! I take those now twice a day and feel human again, I am certainly enjoying having energy again :)

The thing is with FND you never know what's going to happen next and how you are going to feel tomorrow.

No-one understands this illness as they have never heard of it before and when you try and explain it, it's hard. I end up feeling like everyone thinks I am making it up and I'm some kind of mad hypercondriac.


Your doctor sounds really good! Think maybe I might need to change - all I get is here have diazapam that will relax you and bring your speech back! I also feel like people feel that way, like they think I can control it. In 10 minutes I go from fine to no speech. I will defiantly talk to my current Doctor next week and try to get help. Thank you very much. I now no longer feel as lost! :)


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