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I have Periph Neuropathy, Cognitive Impairment, many side effects from Cancer surgery and Chemo. What other neurological tests can be done?

I have confirmed Peripheral Neuropathy, Cognitive Impairment, many side effects from Cancer surgery and Chemotherapy (including cytopenia and spine damage). What other [neurological] tests can be done to check for things like cognitive impairment, back and neck pain, dizziness and loss of balance? Has anyone else been through anything similar?

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Hi there. I have been through a similar event, with a colon cancer and 9 months of chemo.

Have you a diagnosis of neuro symptoms now or are you just finding problems and looking for answers?

2 years on from my op, after a couple of months initially getting better, I had a major incident and crashed having seizures, paralysis, weakness, balance loss, tinnitus and many other neuro issues. I am fortunate not to have pain from it, but many others in the group do.

Have you discussed your problems with a neurologist?

There are certain tests that can be done, but have you talked with your oncology consultant? Certain chemo damage can be permanent, but many are not, only your consultant can really give you details specific to your case.

If you would like to join the Facebook group please go to homepage and click on the Join Facebook Group button. The are many there who may be able to give more info, some of us have been through cancer, others accidents, and a wide range of problems all resulting in neuro symptoms.

One thing is to check your B12 vitamin level as this is appearing to be an issue with a significant few of us.

Best wishes to you. Duncan


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