Can any of the ladies here correlate the worsening of certain symptoms with a particular time in their monthly menstrual cycle?My IBS (since 18) has always been worse at regular times and the burning tongue/dry mouth I am left with since illness is regular as clockwork.I had my hormone levels checked(though sadly not during a burning tongue episode) and was told normal and wondered if they were missing possible peaks and troughs by testing at the wrong time.

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  • Absolutely! I have the same thing happen with my symptoms. Actually, I had asked the same question in a facebook group last year and many of the ladies confirmed the same issue. So please know you're not alone :)

  • My movement disorder is significant worse when I have PMS and levels off again with 36-48 hours of my period starting. Does that help?

  • Thanks, that's interesting. How did you come to be diagnosed with psy md ? I was told I had this when first ill due to a clear MRI and correlation in some symptoms. I was suspected of having Encephalitis for a while, as my white cells/lymph nodes were up for 5 months. My movement disorder slowed and stopped after 6 1/2 weeks, morphing into blood pressure drops/ circulation issues and adrenal exhaustion. I developed spasticity in the 5th month.I have several probs indicative of Acquired brain injury, now 2 1/2 years later but was put down as FND and no further tests or interest shown.

    Can you recall any event such as a virus, surgery or head injury before yours began or do you have a reason to believe it is purely psychological ? Angela x

  • My problems started 18 years ago and it took me until last year to get an official diagnosis put to it. That was the 6th neurologist. The 5th one left me with "there's just a lot about the brain that we don't know." I have been trying to piece things together as I've learned more. It started with an arm twitch and it now impairs every part of my body when it acts up. This is what I'm having trouble remembering at the moment, but, right about the time it started, I discovered a lypoma, or "fatty tumor," that had grown right over my spine. I had it removed. That part of my back still bothers me and I occasionally get bothered enough that I go see a chiropractor and that helps things. I also had an issue with medication that made things much worse. I am bipolar with ADD. I was put on an ADD medication and, about a week after, my symptoms went haywire. That's when I went from a few interesting twitches and verbal tics to absolutely crazy. I went off the ADD medication shortly thereafter, but the symptoms never went away. My last neurologist considered it primarily psychological, however. But how much can you know someone in one appointment? I've never had one who was really interested in solving the problem that is me. I am bipolar and have anxiety. I am on meds for that and not taking them makes my symptoms worse. But I definitely have symptoms even when I have no identifiable stressors. Hope that helps.

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