Burning in feet.

Hi everyone!

The past few days I've had a burning sensation in both feet.

I've had FND since 2012 but this burning sensation is new to me.

Anyone else have this sensation?

Best wishes to you all!

Kim xx😊

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  • Hi, yes I get the same in ny hand and feet and lips. This is a new symptom to me to from about 3 year ago. Comes and goes though in flares. Does yours do the same? Come and go?


  • Hi Lou,

    Yes it does come and go and I get it in my knees as well.

    Started last week.

    Many thanks


  • It's super uncomfortable isn't it! I had it all day Saturday then it just went Saturday evening! When I first started getting it I thought it was just swelling but it's got worse and feels like burning now. Can last days or just hours! If you find anything that relieves it let me know xx

  • Can ask what other symptoms do you have and what symptoms did you start with? Xx

  • Hi I've had this feeling on and off for 2 years. The burning is so bad at times I literally sit on a chair with my feet in a bucket of ice water. Its the only thing that brought me relief. I know this isn't form or long lasting relief but works at the time.

  • I did something similar at the weekend when I went to my parents and found relief putting my hands on their cold stone kitchen unit! I dont know if it's just me but I do find it can be brought on if I eat a lot of sugar or chocolate at night and sometimes alcohol, I then wake up with this burning. It's almost always starts when I wake up but have gone to bed feeling ok. Pleased to have found others with similar experiences :)

  • Hi Lou,

    I collapsed in 2012 and my right leg went into Spasm which put me into a wheelchair for 4 months.

    Seen the Neurologist who was very thorough with all his tests and was told I had FND which made me lose my job and most of my independence.

    I had physio and had to wear leg braces which I still have and I get many symptoms from eye spasms, hand spasms etc and I just have to take one day at a time now.

    I'm on Baclofen to help my muscle spasms but this FND leaves you drained due to it's unpredictability.

    Try to find anything that relaxes you if you can and we tend to go to the Countryside often by bus as it gives us a sense of peace.

    My best wishes to you.

    Kim 😊

  • Has baclofen helped the spasms? My newest symptom is twitching all over my body, literally everywhere. People don't seem to notice it unless it's a big one and it twists my head or arm but it's so uncomfortable.

  • Hi Lou,

    I'm on 10mg, twice daily and yes, it does relax my leg spasm.

    I've had the neck spasm and twisting, very uncomfortable.

    😊 xx

  • Yes, I to have the burning pins and needles type feeling in my feet. I wake pretty much most mornings with the same or after I've walked for a while.

  • yes i have had that. i was at a wedding when it happened. it was awful

    this is one of the rarest symptoms i've ever had. i have only experienced it around 4 times

  • Hiya yes I get random burning sensation in my feet very strange not all the time but when it happens its like standing on hot coals and its really sensitive to touch I get it in my legs to x

  • Anyone have any ideas what it is or had anything explained by the neurologist?

  • I have the same problem as well in both knees and feet most of the time.I also get tired and get tingilling in my head which i can feel going to my feet.I also get very tired and weak as i am trying to get myself up and about not seating on my bum all day.

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