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FND and pernicious anaemia/b12 deficiency

i was diagnosed with FND yesterday, but i also have pernicious anaemia (which was discovered months ago). i don't understand it. the neuro said if the nerves had been damaged to the extent of my symptoms, it would be visible on the mri :( so, now i'm told i have FND.

the neuro agreed for me to have an evoked potential to check there wasn't a physical block in the nerves, but thinks it will come back clear.

one of the neuro tests he did on my leg, i noticed Hoover's sign, which blew me away. my leg that i can't move properly, worked when i DIDN'T consciously try. so, i believe the diagnosis...i think. i'm just confused. where do the symptoms of b12 def end and FND begin??

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You're confused. If find someone who thinks they can work it out, tell me!


The trouble is someone might think they can, then they disappear for a long time! B12 seems to come up often, can I have some please


I think F.N.D and pernicious anaemia in some cases come together but I would suggest you look at to find the information you need. I found it helped me


The Sydney Adventist Hospital in Sydney, Australia has done a lot of research into Vitamin B12 because Seventh-day Adventists are encouraged to be vegetarians…a risk factor for B12 deficiencies. Here is a link to a Info pack that should be useful… (also do a Google search on

[Sydney Adventist Hospital B12] to find more interesting links) …

Vegetarian Information Pack Is the Vegetarian Diet Adequate?


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