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I need to communicate with others about my conversion disorder, I got diagnosed 16 weeks ago and I'm going crazy not being

Able to do anything without getting fatigue. Twenty minutes of yard work I'm so tired my legs tense up then I'll have a seizure. So a mother of 4 and I've waitress for 20 years I'm pretty down. I can't figure out how to level my energy during the day. My seizures are getting to be three a day. I got a EEG done Friday now just to get the call back of what they see. Need some friends with same issues.

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I'm sorry to hear of your growing issues with this disorder. I've had it on and off of many years, and muscle fatigue/walking has been an issue for me for a lot of this time.

My doctor insisted that I take Magnesium, more magnesium and then Epsom Salts baths, just to keep forcing it in, because it seems I don't absorb it or don't metabolise it or something. Not sure which. He didn't test me for it, just treated me for it, which is fine by me. I now take anything from 3-8 huge magnesium tablets a day, variety of types and brands, plus an Epsom Salts bath at least once a week, plus I rub Magnesium Oil and/Magnesium Lotion onto my skin almost daily.

Magnesium has made a huge difference to my muscle health. It used to be that I couldn't hold 2 little plastic bags of fruit while I filled a 3rd and took them back to my trolley while out shopping. I would make it half way around the supermarket and my legs and feet would dissolve into massive cramps. I had constant muscle 'ropes' in my arms, back and legs. Now i don't get that fatigue much at all. I battle with the ropes from cramping muscles, and whenever i notice them, i immediately increase my dosage until they go. It is surprising how quickly they can heal themselves when they are fed the right food!

You can find a lot more about this disorder from and There are several Facebook groups where people support each other as well. There are links to these on the FNDHope website.


Thanks Vivian like to hear there is others like me who have good advise. I don't have Facebook hope this website is just as good :)


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