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Does anyone have FND seizures set off by flashing lights?

I was told that I have FND and non-epileptic seizures, but there is still the possibility of epilepsy. When I look at flashing lights or a fan; I go into a grand mal. I also have Absence, Drop, and the ones that I'm awake, but have constant jerking movements. Does anybody else have this or think epilepsy may be contributing?

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Hi Ally. It's hard to tell from my standpoint which of your seizures are epileptic and which are FND. People do fall and lose consciousness with FND seizures, so a video EEG would need to be examined by a specialist to determine which type they are. The ones where you are awake and having movements are probably the FND related ones. I have these type only. My movements look reasonably well controlled - more like an orgasm without the sex or pleasure, just the big movements and big noises, grunts and explosions of epithets and other sounds. Others are awake and have one muscle or a small group of muscles constantly twitching during their seizures. There are seemingly endless types of FND seizures.

It's actually quite common to have both true epileptic and FND seizures. In my experience, FND can often imitate existing 'organic' (i.e. considered by doctors as real in origin) symptoms, both that the person already has, or that they have seen in others. FND seems to have a mind of his own.

There is a nice support group on Facebook:




I have this too. I was diagnosed with non epileptic seizures to start with, but wasn't happy as I knew these were different to my normal FND seizures. Had a second opinion that said I had epilepsy as well as non epileptic seizures. So I am now on epileptic meds which have helped a lot and am suffering so many less.


My daughter has Photosensitive Epilepsy as well as FND seizures. She knows when they are PE as this happens when she sees flashing lights, eg. Police and Ambulance vehicles, she has problems with the flashing lights on the Trolley Collectors vehicle at the shopping Centre, flashing lights on Council Trucks etc. it appears to have something to do with the speed of the flashing and also the colour. She has more problems with the police and ambulance. She also had to stop going to a Salsa event at a local Hotel as they had lights flashing around the Bar. Strobe lights also set her off we went to a local production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang the other night and had to leave when they had strobe lights to depict a storm! So yes my answer is there is another type of seizure that can be caused by flashing lights. There are some blue lensed glasses that may help but they are quite expensive and it appears they are a bit hit and miss some people have no problems after they get them others it makes no difference some it helps in some circumstances which is what my daughter is finding.


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