I have recently been diagnosed with AND. I was also diagnosed with 'convulsions' any advice for coping with the seizures?

I am 19 and recently diagnosed with FND and convulsions. To get me to fight the seizures my stepdad tells me 'fight it!' I'm not sure how to fight them or if it is possible. I'm looking for tips to fight them and live with my diagnosis. All of this suddenly came at the same time. I am at home all the time with nothing to do since my family is afraid of the seizures.

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  • Allyw, please do not be too worried, there are many of us in your position. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! You cannot "Fight" a seizure, just let them happen for now and learn about how they affect you. I'd suggest going to the website FNDHope.org which has been written and provided by FND sufferers to help us through this condition. If you scroll to the bottom of the Home page you will find a link to request joining the private Facebook group which is about 700 strong of FND sufferers, many of whom are around your age and you will find their support immensely helpful. We can help you through this and guide you toward the correct treatment and better understanding. Good luck and hope to see you. Duncan Peacock

  • Hi Allyw, welcome to the FND family)) As Duncan already said, you can not just "fight it", because it is a medical condition and it does not depend on your mood or willpower. But you can try to manage it and to make your life with it as bearable as possible. Beside the immense experience of other FND sufferers at the FNDhope website and in the FND Facebook groups, you can find useful tips on managing this condition at the website neurosymptoms.org which is entirely dedicated to FND and related disorders. Good luck, there are many of us :-) Svetlana.

  • Thank you so much for the help. I feel much better knowing that I had the right idea towards handling this. I didn't think I could really fight them, but I thought I would ask others with the same condition. I've always been one of those odd people that see this type of thing as a learning experience.

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