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How can I help? Docs diagnosed my brother with FND, but he gets mad about referral to Psychiatrist. Thinks he's been dismissed as "psycho"

The complicating factor is that I have Parkinson's - or as my Dr. put it - "Plain Vanilla Parkinson's." Fortunately, meds (Levedopa) bless me with relief. My brother has similar symptoms, but every Neuro he's seen has ruled out PD, and can't give dx. They suggest Psychiatric follow-up. My brother thinks they have stigmatized him, and rejects the notion that FND is a valid diagnosis. He has concurrent OCD, Depression, Anxiety, and horrible Anger outbursts. Personality D runs in family. I'm worried stress from his frustration is making FND worse. How can I reassure him?

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I am going through the same thing at the moment just don't seem to be able to accept Hope he's coming to terms with things


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